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KATANI BORA! Easily translated from SWAHILI into “THE BEST SISAL”. The giant leaves of the AGAVE plant, a subtropical cactus, are carefully selected in EAST AFRICA (Kenya en Tanzania). The extracted fibre is sorted and dried on the spot. All SISAL qualities from TASIBEL are manufactured from very long fibres (1 m). These fibres originate from a very respected environmental culture and comply with strict conditions to obtain the “KATANI BORA” label.

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SISAL, with its flat woven characteristic, can be placed perfectly in spaces with frequent traffic. Sisal acclimatizes dry and damp rooms by absorbing and releasing the humidity according to the atmosphere. Consequently Sisal creates a sense of well-being. It has an antibacterial effect and lessens allergy problems, because it contains tannins which repel dust mites.

Sisal products are hard-wearing and can even support the use of chairs with castors for domestic purposes, especially quality Urban Plus. For professional applications of chairs with castors however, it is recommended to use protective chair mats. We advise not to install bouclé structures for heavy duty applications. Upon request some qualities of TASIBEL can be obtained with the fire classification Bfl-S1 or Cfl-S1. Since SISAL is a natural material, particular attention must be paid to maintenance and cleaning. In spaces with heavy traffic, floor covering with mottled colours are easier to maintain.

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Sisal & Coir

The fibres wrapping the coconut are of remarkable strength. TASIBEL uses COIR in combination with SISAL in a unique and original weaving, providing more strength and greater life span.

The combination of these two natural fibres is available in wall-to-wall carpeting, rugs and tiles.

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Sisal & Wool

Softness and resistance are united in this subtle mixture of SISAL and WOOL.

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