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All items of the TASIBEL programme are available as bordered rugs. We offer you the opportunity to cover your floors almost completely with a natural (detachable) carpet. It is also the most natural way to embellish your drawing room, your entrance hall, to cover a mezzanine floor or to add a decorative touch at your bedside. You can choose a rug in a quality, a colour and size as you wish up to 6 m length and 4 m width (except for PAPER, with a max. width of 3,66 m) and you can make a choice of matching borders in cotton, chenille, alcantara, linen, microfibre, skai and leather. Your rug will be made according to the required design and measurements.

TASIBEL takes particular care of the borders. These are made on frame and filled with felt in order to avoid an impression of the structure. The corners are stitched blind and loaded to make them less vulnerable during vacuuming.
A non-slip latex backing is applied to the TASIBEL bordered rugs to prevent sliding on parquet and tiled floors.
Finally, we propose a stain resistant treatment for your rug, carried out manually during the manufacturing.

For aesthetic reasons, it is important to take the direction of the weave into account, and to ensure the weft is in the width and the warp in the length of the rug.

Bordered rugs are finished as follows:

All types of borders are standard supplied finished on frame, filled with felt, corners stitched blind and loaded, 6 cm visible. Besides the borders in leather, microfibre, alcantara and skai are always blind stitched.

Simple binding, border visibly stitched and corners glued can be supplied upon request but only in cotton or chenille.