Carpet care and cleaning


Maintenance Instructions

A periodic and tailored maintenance programme will prolong the design life of your covering and preserve its original appearance.


Daily cleaning by means of vacuum cleaner. A thorough cleaning of the covering is recommended every 6 months, or once a year, depending on how much foot traffic it receives.

Dry - cleaning

The covering is cleaned by sprinkling it with a powdered shampoo of a reputable proprietary brand. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to the letter.

Wet - cleaning

  • First vacuum thoroughly, removing any stains.
  • Dilute the product as little as possible.
  • Don't drench the carpet. Keep it as dry as possible.
  • Use a reputable cleaning product to which you've added some vinegar.
  • Distribute the product evenly. Pay particular attention to stained parts.
  • Let it dry, avoiding all foot traffic on the (wet) covering.
  • Vacuum thoroughly.


General rules :

  • Take proper steps immediately.
  • Dry the stain as quickly as possible.
  • Remove solid substances using a knife or spoon, working from the outside towards the centre of the stain, always observing the fibre direction.
  • Try, first, to remove the stain by using a shampoo greatly diluted with some lukewarm water.

If these measures are no good, please refer to the following list :

ALCOHOL 20 % shampoo plus 5 % vinegar and 75 % water.
BEER Shampoo plus vinegar and lukewarm water.
BLOOD Old stains: shampoo with 5 % ammonia, then dab with vinegar (never use warm water).
New stains: cold water + salt.
BUTTER A hot iron (below 100° C) on a cloth. After that shampoo + vinegar + water.
CARPET GLUE Remove immediately using acetone or alcohol.
CHEWING GUM Treat with special stain remover, cover with ice until set hard, crumble and scrape off the residue using a spoon or a knife, while observing the fibre direction.
CHOCOLATE Tepid water + 5 % ammonia.
COFFEE/ TEA Cold water ! + shampoo + 10 % ammonia.
COLA Shampoo + vinegar + water.
EGG Shampoo + (cold!) water + vinegar or ammonia (5%).
GREASE / GRASS / BALLPOINT Dab it first with, for example, a Kleenex or a piece of blotting paper.
Next, pour pure alcohol on the carpet, let it evaporate, then apply shampoo + vinegar + water.
JAM/HONEY Lukewarm water and cloth.
LACQUER Dab with white spirit. Don't rub.
LATEX PAINT Do not allow the stain to dry. Water plus shampoo.
After drying, scrape off and rub down.
LIPSTICK Water + shampoo, then alcohol or ether if necessary.
MOULD Water + 5 % ammonia.
MUD Let it dry, then scrape off and vacuum. After that, if necessary, 1 soup-spoon of ammonia per litre of tepid water.
NAIL POLISH Dab with acetone, then rinse with water.
OIL PAINT Dab with white spirit. Do not rub.
RED WINE Immediate action is necessary: sponge the stain with 50 % vinegar + water.
SAUCE/OIL Water + alcohol. After that, clean, if necessary, with shampoo + vinegar + water.
TINCTURE OF IODINE Dab with ammonia.


  • Don't drench the carpet (not in one particular spot either).
  • After treatment cover the wet spots with a good absorbent white cloth or tissue. A heavy object has to be placed on top of the covered spot.
  • If the cloth or tissue gets too wet, remove and replace with either a dry cloth or a piece of absorbent paper. Under no circumstances may anyone walk on that part of the carpet which has been treated until it's completely dry.