Tasibel ... trendsetter in the sisal world

Since 1923 Tasibel is specialized in weaving high-quality woven sisal carpet and market leader in natural products.

Producing sisal carpets, whether or not in combination with wool or other natural materials.

Creativity in appearance, structure, color range and combinations ensure a contemporary and stylish floorcovering.


Traditional craftsmanship from generations is combined with our modern production methods and enables our current generation of weavers, spinners and tufters to produce high-quality carpet.

Many customers already appreciate our flawless service, flexibility, dynamic and customer-oriented approach.

Sisal... a natural fibre with many characteristics

Sisal is a natural product that is very wear-resistant, moisture-regulating, noise-damping and heat-insulating.  In addition, sisal acclimatises and you experience a feeling of total well-being.

The gigantic leaves of the sisal agave, a subropical cactus, are carefully selected in East Africa. They are cultivated with respect for the environment and are subject to the strictest monitoring.

A group that stands for quality

Having its origin in the rich textile tradition of Flanders, the group has grown into a leading manufacturer of floorcoverings in natural materials.  We guarantee excellent craftsmanship from fiber to finished carpet, partly thanks to our vertically integrated family business.

Creatuft is a manufacturer of high quality wool wall-to-wall carpets and rugs.

The contemporary and timeless collection with a wide choice of design, color and structure fits in modern and classic interiors.

Discover their tufted, flatwoven and Wilton woven carpets here.

The high-tech knowledge, many years of experience and intensive quality controls results in a wide range of high standard woollen and sisal yarns for the carpet industry. The Spinning Mill only uses the best raw high-quality wool from New-Zealand and the best sisal fibres from East-Africa (Katani Bora).